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Good Dog Mobile Grooming is independently owned and operated by Muzb and her human Angy Gallo. Angy has lived in Utah her entire life and been a devoted pet lover since fur-ever. She started grooming family pets in the bathtub at the spry age of 7, and found a passion for animals.

Angy has groomed a plethora of dogs and cats of every breed and temperament. She has worked for several local grooming shops for over a decade, and has gained invaluable experience at each one. Angy realizes that no two dogs are the same and continuously adapts her business to meet the ever changing demands of her furry clientele. 

Why Choose Mobile Grooming?

Your fur baby gets dedicated one-on-one attention

No more sitting in kennels while waiting to be groomed or picked up

Reduces stress for you and your pet

Reduces fur balls and other messes in your car

We will do our best to accommodate your busy schedule

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Currently servicing the greater Salt Lake Area
If you are not in Salt Lake County, please call as we do travel outside the area for a small fuel surcharge.

The Basics

(Included with every grooming)

Ear Cleaning and hair removal
Nail Dremel to shorten & file down rough edges
Examine Coat and Skin condition
Heated Bath and light massage during shampooing & conditioning
    Shampoo and Conditioner selected based on your dog’s coats needs
Expression of Anal Glands (upon request)

Clean Up

“The Basics” PLUS
Trimming of the Face, Fanny and Feet

Full Groom

“The Basics” PLUS
Haircut of Human’s choice
*Dogs may also make special haircut requests

Add-On Services

Teeth Brushing $5
De-Matting or Impacted Hair $10-20 (depending on severity)
De-Shedding $10-20 (depending on coat)
15 minute Pre or Post-Grooming walk in your neighborhood $15 (Weather permitting)

Full Groom

Small Dogs Starting at $70

Medium Dogs Starting at $80

Large Dogs Starting at $100

Huge Dogs Call for Pricing

Cats – Starting at $85

Clean Up

Small Dogs Starting at $55

Medium Dogs Starting at $65

Large Dogs Starting at $75

Huge Dogs Call for Pricing

Cats – Starting at $60

**Above are examples of each size for pricing. Certain Dogs (Such as “Oodle” dogs may have specific needs for coat and be priced accordingly), we will discuss your breed and determine preliminary pricing at the time of your scheduling.

We offer discounts for multiple dogs at the same location (Call your friends and family!)

 Please call for discount pricing



Satisfied Customers





To schedule an appointment or for more information, please fill out the form below or call Angy at 801-699-0623